Add This to Your Onboarding Process: Personality Playbooks

We recently hired a new Director of Digital Marketing! She is remote and joining our already tight-knit team, which got us thinking about how it might be possible to make this onboarding process a really great experience for her.

Joining any team can be nerve-racking and requires a “learning period” to get to know new managers and co-workers. We were worried about making the “getting to know us” period feel too bumpy, so this time, we tried something new:  Playbooks, not for processes, but people.

A few days before her first day, Alane, BGBO Co. Co-Founder, sent Courtney her personality playbook and, in that single gesture, removed all the roadblocks to helping Courtney immediately integrate with our team! Courtney then took it upon herself to jump into Arvo and create her own personality playbook before her start date.  Not only did we feel a more positive connection with Courtney, but we knew we had hired the right person for the job even during the onboarding process.

onboarding process - personality playbook GIF


Receiving the Personality Playbook from Alane was such an amazing touch! It made me feel connected and a part of the team before starting. I was so excited I had to share it with all my friends. She gave me access to create mine early, which meant I could share that with the team rather than thinking through a standard introductory paragraph on the fly. We (the team and I) immediately had things to connect on. I believe it’s served as a major proponent in setting the tone for my time with this company.

-Courtney Buckhanon

Alane and Courtney Share Their Personality Playbook Experience

Now the rest of our team is getting in on the fun and have created their own playbooks! It has been an amazing team-building experience for all aspects of the company, not just for new employees.

It’s easy to forget that we need to get to know each other deeper than what we see on Zoom calls. By building personality playbooks, we can bond with our employees without actually meeting in person and build on shared experiences and interests.

If you are hiring someone new, try this:

  • Create a playbook about yourself
  • Send it to the latest team member before their first day
  • Invite them to your Arvo account and ask them if they would create a playbook about themself
  • Invite other team members also to make their personality playbook

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