An Encouragement to Keep Systemizing Your Business


Going on vacation wasn’t always enjoyable for me. Many times in my first business, I would work the entire time and I had anxiety anytime I was away from the internet and wasn’t able to check my email or team notifications. It was miserable, and I was miserable. 
I used to attribute it to Murphy’s Law every time I would have an anxiety-filled and less than enjoyable vacation. Sure, it seemed like the worst things would happen in the exact moment I would try to relax but the truth was: I didn’t have the systems in place for my team to execute on and I couldn’t let go enough to hire the team members I needed. Everything was in my head and I was the only one that could solve the problem (or so I thought…). 
Turns out, that’s not Murphy’s Law, that is the inability to delegate. The universe wasn’t against me, I was against myself. I finally learned how to delegate and pass things off.

Here are the 3 things I do now to communicate with my team so I can delegate and they can properly execute. 

I shoot videos of what I am doing, how I am doing it, and why I am doing it for my teams to watch and learn the same process.

I build the systems we need in ClickUp (we use it instead of Asana now because of the dashboards and reporting features).

I build Arvo playbooks so my team can be trained on doing it in the future. I will include the video I took in it as well. Here’s an example of a recent playbook I made for a new process we were using. 

With the right systems and processes in place, I can easily jet off on a trip without the constant worry and anxiety that I used to experience when leaving work behind. I know that my team has it under control because we’ve taken the time to ensure that things can run smoothly no matter what. The hard work that it takes to build processes and hire the right team is 100% worth it. The end result, among many other things, is that I can enjoy more memorable and stress-free vacations with my family.