Best Automation Tips and Tricks

Lately, we’ve been obsessed with creating automation to streamline BGBO Co internal operations. We’ve used Zapier for several years, and while there is definite value there, we finally took time to dig into Integromat, and boy are we impressed! This week, we built some simple but effective solutions that are already saving us an hour a day (at least). See how you can, too!

Here’s one example that saves us time every day:

To support our growth, we needed a better way to monitor tracked hours against total hours available per project easily. 

We built a connection to Toggl (our time tracking platform) and our Project Team Leader Slack channel to solve this. 

How it works:

The automation pulls all the clients based on type, pulls all the hours in the correct time period, runs a bunch of calculations, and then formats the data into a nice readable slack message to the channel.  

Now, every morning, we have a super clear picture of where every project is at (time-wise) without the need to do any compiling or reporting manually. The result: one delighted team and hours of time savings for our team every week.

The next day, we were able to take 90% of our onboarding process and automate it. 

Instead of onboarding clients manually:

  • Client folders are now being created in ClickUp, Dropbox, and Drive (if applicable). 
  • Tasks based on the project are auto-generated and added to the correct lists. 
  • Projects are automatically being set up in our Toggl account.
  • Then we take all of the information and add it to an Airtable base for easy reference.

Need ideas on where to start? 

I find it helpful to simply look at the list of software integrated with Integromat to get inspiration. -Micah Johnson

We help clients automate the hand-off from sales to account management, create weekly reports, and get insight into team accountability. 

Each week, there are likely hours that can be saved with automation in your org. If you want to explore what automation could help your org, let’s jump on a call

Bonus Tip!

Speaking of account management, check out how we’ve started using Arvo to create an account management intro playbook.  When we begin working with a new account, we link to their Account Manager’s intro. This small gesture immediately helps build a connection between the two teams.


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