1. Store Ideas

Say you have a few content marketing ideas that popped into your head. Simply add them as a note, then @mention someone to proofread. They can jump in and help you write it, or they can make changes in the same document at any time, and let you know as soon as they are done.

I wrote this blog post in notejoy.com and I’ll be doing just that. The hand-off is seamless and any questions can be asked contextually. Making the process so much easier than proofreading in a blog platform.

2. Capture Meeting or Call Notes

Taking notes in a meeting can be difficult if you’re the one doing a lot of the talking. Avoid that with collaborative notes. Assign multiple note takers and gain more than one perspective.

After the meeting, the notes can be turned into action items, and just like your content marketing ideas above, are always accessible in a structured format.

3. Brainstorm Together

Start with an idea, jot it down using the mobile version of your favorite notes app. Then, when you have time to focus, expand the idea and invite others to do the same. As soon as the idea is refined, prioritize it, add to a backlog, or move it into a project management platform.

4. Get Feedback

Not sure about something. Jot down the basics and invite others to review. Maybe what you suspected is true and it should simply be deleted, or maybe it just needed a few adjustments to really make it shine.

5. Make Decisions

This is one of my favorite uses of a notes platform. Eliminate multiple meetings by identifying the questions or roadblocks that are stopping you from making the decision and work through different options and perspectives using threaded comments.