Employee Onboarding
Done Right

An ultra-customizable solution to make your hiring managers and new employees feel like rockstars

Retain employees longer

Build employee success with immersive employee onboarding.

Empower hiring managers

Spend less time on processes so you can spend more time on people.

Save (lots of) time

Get visibility into the entire employee lifecycle with real-time dashboards and set-and-forget automation.

Full Employee Lifecycle Management

Modular components that work seamlessly together or with any of your existing platforms.

Hiring Requests

Your management team can request when they need to hire a new role or position

Employee Handbooks

Your employee’s guide to how your company works, its culture and mission all in one place.

Employee Onboarding

Relieve your HR team with a fully automated system to take the tedious labor out of onboarding

Applicant Tracking

Simplify your hiring by quickly sorting applicants and tracking interviews in a single location

SOPs and Playbooks

Easily create how-tos and SOPs for all your business processes.

Employee Reviews

Retain employees by automating scheduled reviews to ensure your hires are getting the attention they need, even when work is busy

Fully integrated and automated

Streamline onboarding with 1,100 integrations

Get an employeee onboarding and training system that creates positive culture.

Check Compatibility with Existing Tools