Recently, I was at dinner with a few of the people that work for BGBO Co, and the conversation turned to nerding out on work management systems as a whole and then down to how we use it to manage our personal lives (you know you are getting older when casual discussions go to everyone’s love of work management systems!).

The whole idea of a work management system is to give your brain a break from looping through all the things that need to be done. By giving your brain a break, it gives it the capacity to relax, think creatively/strategically, and work on solving larger problems. The question needs to be asked, why do so many of us just look at this from a work perspective and not a life perspective? Many years ago, my wife and I started using Asana for managing our personal lives (we also use a free Slack account for most communication, but that can be for a different day). Once we started using Asana for the larger home projects, we quickly realized how much we were trying to do from memory or missing because we would just forget. Now everything we need to take care of goes into our personal Asana account. 

Stacie from our team said it best,

Every morning I have my cup of coffee and open up Asana. I see what’s scheduled for today, move what needs to be moved then close the app and enjoy my coffee. No worries if I missed something. Asana allows me to do more with less. Asana gives me my time back and a peace of mind that’s priceless.

How the Team at BGBO Co. Uses Work Management Platforms in Their Personal Lives

Most of us all use Asana in our personal lives but it doesn’t really matter which platform you use, as long as you are using something! Here are some of our favorite ways my wife and I use it and how our team members use it:

Micah and Alane

  • Recurring task for giving the dogs their monthly heartworm meds.
  • Recurring task for changing the air conditioner filters.
  • Task template for traveling, in fact there is a whole project dedicated to trips so that each trip is documented on a calendar in Asana and we use custom tags for if it is a family trip, boys trip, or mom and son trip. There is a template for what needs to be done when planning a trip, e.g. get the Airbnb booked and get the dogs scheduled for board. There is also a packing task template so we don’t forget anything!
  • Recurring task for what bills need to be paid each month so none of them ever get missed.


  • Wedding planning with a complete list of what needed to be done with when it needed to be done by. 


  • Daily, weekly chores, monthly chores. Her significant other and her teenager are also in Asana and she assigns tasks to them so everything doesn’t fall on her!
  • Seasonal garden planning and maintenance – even when she goes on vacation, she adds her garden sitter to her garden project so the garden sitters knows exactly what needs to happen when.


  • Task template for real estate transactions so she makes sure she never misses a detail for the transactions!


  • Weekly chores task list and they can delegate between what she is going to do and what her soon-to-be-husband will do.
  • Major home improvement projects with tasks for each step of the process.
  • Gardening planning and upkeep task list.


  • Managing his son’s Cub Scout group as Cubmaster.

Two important lessons I’ve learned

  1. Don’t limit yourself on just using your work management system at work, use it at home too and start enjoying your weekends even more.
  2. Don’t be the only one in your family to be using the WMS if you can help it. Get those significant others and those kids in there so you are able to delegate as a team!

Another tip to enjoy your weekends more? Learn how to systemize your business. We can help, let’s chat!