It’s probably safe to say that most business owners want to grow and hire more team members. It’s natural that when we experience roadblocks in our business, we start going into the “if only…” mode.

“If only we were bigger.”
“If only we had more employees.”
“If only we had a bigger budget.”
“If only we had more sales channels.”
“If only leads would close faster.”

“If only [fill in the blank]”, then things would be easier! Yet oftentimes the solution to our business roadblocks is not solved just by hiring new team members. If we rely on the “if only” mindset to fix our business woes, we’ll be even more frustrated when we find that the place that we’ve long been dreaming of is actually just more work.

Longer hours.
More stress.
More burnout.

The difference between growing with ease and growth that makes you wish your company was still smaller is simple: good documentation of the processes you’re already doing.

Documentation of what you do on a daily basis at your company is the biggest differentiator between painful growth and painless growth. 

Bottom line: When your team is growing, it should take work off of you, not the other way around.

But in order for that to be true, documentation needs to be created so that you’re ready when your team grows. Even if you are hand-holding your next hire while they help you build your documentation, that is still a great step in the right direction! Then you’ll be ready for your new hire.

The question you should be asking yourself: Who should be my next hire so that it is less work for me? Then start planning what documentation they’ll need to be successful at their job.

We’ve created a playbook on creating great documentation for your company that can help you get started and get you in a position to grow your business.

Need help getting started? Book a call with us, and let’s see how we can streamline the process.