Hiring the Right People for Your Team

Hiring the right people is tough. Over the past 15 years, I have had to evolve my hiring plan to find and keep the right people. I’ve gone from hiring someone based on what they say they can do to hiring with confidence, knowing they can do the job better than I can.
One of my mistakes has been trying to do everything myself for way too long. It was one of the reasons it took me longer to grow my previous business. I couldn’t let go and I felt like no one could do things as well as I could. While that may be true in the beginning, it is completely wrong long term. Once your team has the tools to do what you do, they will do it better and come up with new ideas to improve it. They just need you to keep leading the vision and the good ones will excel.
No matter how badly we need to hire someone, I never skip giving them a test scenario. The test is how you can see if someone really can do what they are saying they can do in their interviews. Sometimes applicants sound great but when you get down to it, they can’t do the job.

Here is my winning hiring process:


In the application, ask for examples of work related to what you are hiring for.

Have a multi-interview process with someone else other than you, even if you are a small team. Applicants perceive it as a more competitive position to get and respect being hired. It also gives you the opportunity to gain your team's perspective on the new hire, catching things you may have missed.

Always send them a test prior to offering them the position. This one cannot be skipped. You can also have multiple tests throughout the interview process. In the past, we had a three-part interview process and after each interview, there was a test.
In my previous business, we wrote a lot of social media content for our clients; thousands of posts per week. We were hiring for a new content writer and one of the requirements of the application was to attach example social posts that you have written for a business. The business could be real or fake (if the person had never done it professionally but still thought they had a knack for writing social content). We got an application in one day right before the job ad was about to expire. The applicant made up a company called, “Suds and Buds”. It was a laundromat and bar so people could drink and mingle while doing their laundry. He created social handles for every popular social site, created sample social posts for each and a logo, and also made a FourSquare check-in discount coupon (wow, that really ages me)!
We were blown away! He was absolutely fantastic, passed the interview process and we hired him. But there was something we never thought to test for that we caught a couple of weeks later… he didn’t know how to type! A content writer writing hundreds of posts a week, could not type.  We bought him a typing training program and added a typing test as the first step in the interviewing process.
Key takeaway: Tests don’t have to mean hire or don’t hire. Some tests can simply tell you what you need to train them on if you do hire them.
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