Is no-code really the future of development?

If you’ve read anything tech-related recently, you have probably seen at least one mention of how low- or no-code solutions will be the future of everything development-related.  And while that makes for a really interesting title (and probably gets their advertisers some nice ad views), the reality is never that black-and-white.


Remember when email fully replaced snail mail? How about when Zoom fully replaced in-person meetings? Yeah, me neither :).  But they did improve both. -Micah Johnson


Sending an email is faster and easier than sending regular emails.  Zoom saves travel time and costs, and can easily be recorded for future reference. Will no-code fully replace developers and custom-developed applications?  No, it won’t, but it will improve it. 

With tools like, it’s possible to build very complex systems, complete with interfaces and dashboards.  When you add and you get logic and automation that can perform many of the same functions that previously needed a development team to achieve just a few years ago.  Sprinkle on an automated backup system and you have an extremely robust solution that’s easy to customize without the need for any traditional developers.

The positive impact on your business is immediate.  Generally, low/no-code solutions cost about 50-75% less than using a development team, but you’ll still want to have experts design the system, automation, and backups. And when it’s set up correctly, you get further savings because your internal team can customize and make changes without having to wait on dev teams, project managers, scrum masters, product owners, UI/IX designers, etc.

Some of our favorite projects we’ve developed in 2022 have leveraged these platforms to make automated systems for companies in manufacturing, non-profits, people operations, e-commerce, logistics, and more.  Airtable is the source of truth for data, provides the automation engine and logic, and we usually incorporate work management tools like Asana, Monday, and ClickUp to have important tasks automatically created with assignments, due dates, and priorities to keep the work flowing.

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