The Power of a Skills-Diverse Team

Recently, a new team member was tasked with something we didn’t have a solution for.  The way she solved it was so far from the direction I would have taken with it, but my jaw dropped when I saw what she came up with. She saw the problem and came up with a different solution (and a much better one) than the direction I would have taken it.

That’s the power of having a skills-diverse team with different backgrounds and experiences.

When we are playing to our strengths, whether it’s skills, knowledge, or both, the work we are doing feels easy, but other people find huge value in it. We almost brush it off at times as if anyone could do it, but the truth is, not everyone can, and that is where your value often exists. 

Building Your Dream Team

The goal is to find people on your team who feel like they are not spending a bunch of energy but are providing a lot of value. Try not to micromanage them; they are the ones that need the space to create their own way. Maybe it’s just me (it’s definitely possible!), but the less involved I am when people are playing to their strengths, the more things seem to fall into place. This can feel counterintuitive when growing your company because of the shift you have to make from being the person that does everything to relying on others to get the job done. 

Personally, I’ve seen this play out so many times. Years ago, my current business partner and I received a client request email. I could not come up with a solution for it, but my business partner immediately came up with an idea. She used Google Chrome Dev Tools to create a mockup of the solution and the client absolutely loved it. We signed a $100,000 contract, spent a few weeks building out the solution and our client rolled it out to their 200 locations immediately. If I had stepped in to control everything, we would have missed the mark. That quick decision on her part changed the course of our business.

In my current company, my team is constantly coming up with great ideas to improve the business. It’s been fun to see how they use Arvo to explain the things that we do every day. Here is a playbook that one of my team members made for his Emoji Glossary. This has actually been a really helpful and efficient way to communicate things easily – something I would have never come up with on my own!

How to Make it Work

It’s worth saying that egos need to get checked at the door for all this to work. As a team, there should be encouragement to create better solutions, and if you’re the leader of the team, you want people that are better than you to be on your team. 

Find your gems and give them the space to create better solutions than you can. It is harder said than done, but your team will be happier and your company will be stronger.

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