Have you ever experienced the Priority Decision Loop? The Priority Decision Loop is when you look at a massive list of tasks and keep circling through them because you’re not able to decide which ones to start on because they’re all priorities.
What do you do when you consistently hit the Priority Decision Loop roadblock? It might be time to hire someone.
This can be a good reality check because it becomes clear that you are doing too much yourself, instead of delegating.  A common symptom of this is when you become a bottleneck. As leaders, we have the vision of what we want done and sometimes the skills to figure out how to do it ourselves, but we only have so much time in a day.
It helps to get an outside perspective, to make sure you have a partner or team member that will call you out. My business partner and I don’t just have each other from a co-founder standpoint but we also have strong team members that will let us know when we need to consider adding resources due to bottlenecks.
As you grow, this isn’t a one-and-done process, you are going to have times where there are too many things on your plate and you need a new person on your team to take away some of those responsibilities.

This is what I recommend doing so that you know who you need to hire (and set up for success):

  • Group all of your priority tasks into groups that are similar. Examples of groups might be:
    • Design work
    • Website work
    • Sales follow-up
  • Decide what group of similar tasks could provide the best impact for removing tasks off of you and the most impact for your business.
  • Create playbooks that describe how you would like it to get done.
  • Then, hire one or more people for the groups of tasks you need to take off of you.
These do not have to be full-time employees, they could be part-time or even freelancers. Some of our best employees have started out as freelancers! You just never know where things can go when you build the right team and culture around your business.

Remember: You don’t need to get in the Priority Decision Loop. Evaluate, delegate, playbook it, then hire when needed.

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