Setting Notification Boundaries as a Leader in Your Company

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in work because of all the notifications you get? Between email, slack, and your work management platform, it can quickly become overwhelming.
One of our clients at BGBO Co. was constantly experiencing this and finally had enough. The “thumbs-up” feature from Asana alone was overtaking his inbox!
He was so frustrated, he asked me,
“Can we ban the team from using the thumbs-up?!”
Receiving unnecessary notifications can disrupt your workday and take away from the tasks you really should be focusing on.
Start setting boundaries and get selfish with your time, especially in the work management platform you are using. Remove yourself from unneeded task notifications and stop adopting the mindset that you need to be added to everything your team does.

Here are two of my favorite two ways to manage my inbox and reduce the number of notifications I’m getting:


Remove myself from tasks I do not need to be a follower on.

Tell my team to add me as a follower only if they need me to approve something, ask a question, or need feedback. Even then, you can remove yourself as a follower once your portion is complete.

While you’re not able to turn off the “like” feature in Asana or ClickUp, there are ways you can set notification boundaries to minimize the amount you’re getting each day.
If you need a quick reference on how to do this in your work management system, check out these Arvo playbooks for setting notification boundaries in ClickUp and Asana:

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