The Importance of Having An Onboarding Template


Recently, one of our clients shared with us that they received a 5-star review on Upwork from a freelancer for having the best training and onboarding they’ve ever experienced working with a company.

onboarding template review
On the surface, this is really cool and it gives us warm fuzzies, but if you look deeper the impact is much more than just that! Having this kind of experience in your own business saves you and your team time and money in every possible way.
The onboarding process our client used was from a template specifically designed for the job being done. It was complete with how the client used Asana for communication, what apps needed to be used, how to access them, and how to complete the job they were hired to do. Once it was created, it was ready to go for any freelancer who needed it.
The benefits for the client having this system in place was:

Almost no time had to be spent by their internal teams doing individual training.

The freelancer could start any time of the day they were working and didn’t have to wait for a convenient time to meet with the client.

The freelancer was able to start tackling their job to perfection within minutes of completing their onboarding training.

How amazing does that sound? But are you unsure as to whether your company even needs templates? Here’s how you’ll know it’s time to start investing in creating templates:


You go through a process more than once.

You hire someone.

There are multiple steps to completing a task in your business. Even if it slightly changes every time, having a template as a starting point saves you time and reduces errors on executing.

You value not having to answer questions all day by your teammates on how to do something.
Want to see what this looks like in practice? Check out this playbook!
Templates and processes are ever-evolving. From changing the way you do things internally to the updates the software platforms themselves go through, processes always need to be accessed to make sure they are still functioning accurately.
If you’re looking for some help, reach out!  Our team can help create a powerful foundation that allows you to scale quickly.