Grow Faster.

We help companies innovate like a startup, and scale like an enterprise.

Fresh Ideas

Get teams unstuck with fresh ideas and an outside perspective.

Creative Efficiencies

Gain a competitive advantage by implementing operational efficiencies.

Modern Marketing

Keep your marketing up to date so it looks as bad ass as your team knows they are.

A Better Way to Dev

Release new software updates that everyone can be proud of and clients will love.

Avoid costly roadblocks and obstacles

Work with a team that has

Focus on your core business, we’ll help with the rest.

Marketing Strategy

Bring in more leads through modern, automated and efficient marketing.

Sales Strategy

Close more sales through streamlined sales processes.

Product Strategy

Turn ideas into software by creating effective developer communications.

Leadership Strategy

Achieve big picture goals by bringing an outside perspective to executive teams.

Project Experience

Over 18 years of growth, bootstrapping, fundraising, merging, advising, founding and exiting.

Companies Worked With
Up to $17B
Company Size Experience
All Major
All too familiar

We fix complicated problems.

Dev Team Headaches

Constant bugs. Constantly delayed releases. Features aren’t what was requested. Poor design. User complaints. Difficulty juggling user requests from users and internal priorities. Scope Creep.

Squeezing out a Profit

Constantly break-even or running at a loss. Unsure how to build what users want and how to reduce costs. Need ideas for automation and reduction in manual work. Scared of raising capital or unsure where it could come from.

Ineffective Marketing Campaigns

Old websites that are not easily edited, managed or maintained. Messaging speaks to the wrong audience, or need to expand to a new, modern audience. Need help understanding what’s possible.

Lack of Momentum and Team Drive

Internal conflict. Executive team indecision. Lack of training, and constantly answering the same questions. Issues from recent merger, acquisition, or capital raise.

Poor Company Culture

Unhappy employees. High turnover. Limited output. Lack of attention to detail. Never-ending distractions and questions being asked across all levels of the organization.

Don’t Know what you Don’t Know

Treading into new waters. Pitfalls created by venturing alone. Need advisors that have experience in swimming the uncharted waters.

Hi, we’re Alane and Micah!

We founded BGBO Co with one thing in mind…

To work with businesses that want to improve, grow or scale without learning everything the hard way. We’ve been through the days of being stressed and made plenty of mistakes on our own path to success. Now we provide experience, insight and awareness, helping clients avoid growth-shattering pitfalls.

What we do

Our clients gain a leading edge.

We provide over 18 years of experience to get teams and technology working together to benefit your company by developing innovative strategies, streamlining operations, and providing key teams for implementation.

Our Core values build strong client relationships.

Be Honest

We use a blunt approach. We don’t like wasting time, especially our clients’, so we keep it straightforward and to the point.

Offer Clarity

We dive right in to get to know your teams and learn your business to create the best path for your company. If you are looking for a “yes man”, we are not your consultants.

Stay Humble

We are constantly learning and training ourselves. We put ourselves out there trying new things so our clients don’t have to.

Micah and Alane are f*cking awesome!

TynaOwner, DOTReady

I was seriously lost as a new small business owner! I felt like I was running constantly and never getting anything done! BGBO Co has helped me to focus, organize and narrow down goals. I feel so much calmer these days and am FINALLY starting see my hard work producing results.

MachelleOwner, P-Dilly's Cupcakes

There was something magical that happened when I started working with BGBO Co. After putting a couple of small changes in place, my sales started to sky-rocket.

LauraOwner, Sprouting Yogis

BGBO Co is a wealth of knowledge on the ins and outs of maximizing your sales and advertising.

EmilyOwner, Emily Newman Fine Art

Alane and Micah know their stuff. They've been great with volunteering time to help out fledgling entrepreneurs and have a solid B.S. meter.

Jeff BrownCEO, Biz Foundry

Alane and Micah have given our business-minded students plenty of exposure to real-world situations by volunteering as judges in our Eagleworks programs for over three years.

Michael AikensDirector, Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Tennessee Tech University
How we work

We don’t like wasting time. Especially yours.

Our clients tell us constantly they don’t know what they would do without us. Some love us so much they have been with us for over 18 years.

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